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The Fastest Way to
Send Progress Claims
Construction Payments are complex and confusing.
We think that’s wrong, so we fixed it.
Built for Construction in New Zealand
Compliant with the Construction Contracts Act. PlatoPayments provides trust, safety and compliance with a sprinkle of speed and beauty.
Send a claim
Easily set up and send your claims to the contractor you work for. Avoid formula errors in Excel, and use PlatoPayments simple interface to update progress as you complete your project. Your quantity surveyor, project manager and accounts team will love you for sending them a simple claim. If you are a QS or Project Manager, you can send compliant payment schedules in PlatoPayments too.
Real time feedback
Comment on claim items to immediately action feedback so you can get clarity quickly, and get paid faster. Easily revise your claim if needed, without needing to send multiple copies or versions.
Never lose track of items
Don’t forget about that variation from a previous claim. Easily track what variations have been approved – and don’t start work on them until they are. Request a variation, and wait for it to be approved before you start. Provide your breakdowns, schedule impact, and other information. Receive feedback in one system, so it’s clear what you’re doing and when you’re getting paid before you start work.
Screenshot of the app, showing a variation estimate
You handle the work
Breeze through existing claims, make new claims and search projects with short keys. Software should work with you, not against you. We designed PlatoPayments for people of all technical abilities. Never fear; you’ll never break another spreadsheet again.
New Contract form screenshot
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Xero integration
Claims sent through PlatoPayments will automatically show up in Xero, ready to reconcile.
Request a demo
Any questions? Please leave your email and we will get back to you within a week to discuss how using PlatoPayments could help your business.